Explore the best itineraries with a local specialist
Explore the best itineraries with a local specialist
Experience local: An adventure on the best cycling roads !
Experience local: An adventure on the best hiking paths !

Responsible travel

Why Responsible tourism?

  • Our tours give you the opportunity to discover a country on foot or by bike. An all-round different way of travelling, full of infinite charm and a unique experience and entirely eco-friendly!
  • We strongly believe that tourism as a whole is a great way to improve on different aspects of our society as detailed below. 

An eco-friendly way to travel

  • Walking and cycling are two means of getting about that are fundamentally and completely pollution free: our Provence hiking and Provence cycling tours allow you travel in the most eco-responsible way on perfectly adapted terrain. 

Stay in shape – Stay active

  • Walking & cycling are great ways to stay active! After enjoying one of our walking or cycling holidays you will feel fantastic: active and regenerating holidays are the best kind of holidays! The perfect way to free the mind and body, far away from the day to day routine and stress! 

Hiking and cycling: more than a simple activity, its a state of mind !

  • Cycling and hiking are great ways of eliminating both physical and mental toxins. Our beautiful Provence walking holidays, through villages, vineyards and lavender fields will help you have a break from your daily routine, completely stress-free and relaxed. Our Provence cycling holidays will allow you to cover a large terrain - kilometres of culture, history & landscape in just a few days with as much or little effort as you wish in an eco-friendly manner. 

Slow travel: travelling at your own pace

  • On foot or by bike, at your own pace, you will be able to fully enjoy our tours: they are the chance to meet people, discover and enjoy beautiful landscapes without having to be a professional sportsman or woman.
  • You can enjoy the time to explore the local culture, soak in the atmosphere and blend in with the local lifestyle. The definition of slow-travel is to take your time to experience, meet and interact: our core values!

Experience different cultures

  • We strongly believe that there is so much more to a tour than just the walking or cycling. Through our guided and self guided trips, we aim to expose the local culture and introduce you to authentic and genuine accommodations, restaurants, artisans and farmers. Travelling on foot or on two wheels is a way to experience the world up close and personal and appreciate the diversity of the world we live in.

Small local family-run accommodations

  • We mostly work with LOCAL and SMALL SIZE hotels & family-run B&B's and guest houses. We do not work with chain hotels.
  • All of them are hand-picked, visited by our team with a strict criteria of comfort, hospitality and authentic experiences.

Sustainable and local tourism

  • We do our very best to support sustainable development and responsible tourism. Because we create our own toursfrom scratch, from A to Z, we can select who we work with and favor local partners and economy rather than helping big international companies that often cause more harm to the destinations than improving their situation.

Fight against the drawbacks of tourism

  • We understand that tourism may be the cause of negative consequences on both the environment and the local economy and therefore we have decided to become an A.T.T.A. (Adventure Travel trade Association) certified member. We do our utmost to favour the local economies, respect a code of ethics set by both A.T.T.A. and the UNWTO (World Tourism Organisation) in order to fight against inequalities.

Thank you for making this possible

and helping us achieve the goals that we have set ourselves.